Wednesday, 9 June 2021


WinHyip is a blog specializing in reviewing quality Hyip and MLM projects with the criteria of long-term operation and winning for investors participating in the blog.

Therefore, Hyip and MLM projects are carefully selected by WinHyip and have little to do with paying fees. However, good projects that want to prove that the good project itself needs to pay a fee to secure with WinHyip. We require projects that want to be listed on the WinHyip blog to pay a premium of $3000.

If you are confident your project is good then contact WinHyip admin to get listed.

My Contact

  • Mail :
  • Telegram : @WinHyip

My Wallet

  • PerfectMoney: U14997718
  • BTC: 3PPzUqUwsKfjgzbdyL9b3yJFKdB1vjcZFc
  • ETH : 0x87Cc0D78EE64A9F11b5AFFDd9EA523872EaE14E4
  • USDT-TRC20 : TEkNrxiDZaHNL5gZvJwijJozVp6S4u21dj
  • USDT-ERC20 : 0x49930820c1c48e0f0a0087e32b561c5b358e7ba9

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