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Review Keymat - Best token for buy - Earn upto 30% monthy

Review Keymat - Best token for buy - Earn upto 30% monthy

According to information from the website,  Keymat Club review is the first platform in the world with a huge ecosystem that allows you to: Create, launch and successfully monetize your own network projects. Choose, participate securely and monetize any of the projects presented; Become an investor and receive automatic dividends from profits generated by the platform. Monetize your team building and receive up to 40% of the total system revenue. As such,  Keymat Club  serves as a kind of starter for other highly profitable projects. The project has an internal token called KM, which can be deposited for immediate staking.


  • Registered investment accounts: Keymat


About Keymat Club 

Launch date
April 2, 2021
English, Russia
Investment package
50% dividend from platform income
Dividends paid
7 days / week
Minimum investment
$ 10
Minimum payment
$ 10
Withdrawal fee
Manual - Manual payment
Accept payment
Affiliate bonus

$ 0

Technical specifications

Domain Register
Sep 20, 2020 - Sep 20, 2022
Registered for 2 years
IP-address (United States / The Dalles)
IP not used in other projects
NS servers,
Domain Control Validated valid from 09 May, 2021 to 09 May, 2022 –, Inc.
U28850287 (Verified)
  • The video introduces the most detailed details on how to join at Keymat


Investment plan of Keymat Club 

  • Staking Token KEYMAT from 10 - 10,000 KM (Current price 10 - 10,000 $) and earning interest up to 50% of profits generated by KEYMAT platform will be automatically distributed every 25 days ( about 10-30% / Month) ). Receive interest until you reach ROI: 500% . No payback

What is KM, KMD, KMR and how is it used?

  • KM is a token used for Staking , Internal Transfer to another User (Transfer).
  • KMD is a Token that accumulates interest (Dividends) every 25 days. KMD can Staking, Withdraw and Transfer
  • KMR is a token that accumulates commissions from the affiliate marketing program. KMR can Staking, Withdraw and Transfer
  • 1 KM / 1 KMD / 1 KMR = 1 USD
  • Registered investment accounts: Keymat

Instructions for staking to receive interest?

  • Step 1. Buy KM

Control panel >> Buy >> Select the loading port >> Enter the number of KM you want to buy >> Top-up .

  • Step 2. Staking KM

Control pannel >> Staking >> Choose wallet with balance >> Enter quantity >> Send .


Note:   The main amount of Staking cannot be withdrawn. The maximum income from Staking is equal to the amount of Staking multiplied by 5 times, then the amount of Staking is transferred to the archive and stopped paying the dividend.

Example:  You have sent 10,000 KM for Staking. When the dividend payout of 50,000 KM is reached, your main Staking amount will be burned. If you want to receive more, you will need to send back the desired amount for Staking.You can also send money from KMR or KMD balance to Staking

  • Step 3. Receive Dividend every 25 days

You can withdraw them or pass them on to other members on the platform, as well as convert them into KM tokens for internal payments on the KEYMAT platform.

How is KEYMAT Token applied?

  • Sell ​​licenses to create your own projects
  • Sell ​​KM tokens to participate in platform projects.
  • Sale advertising banner space.
  • Offers personalized services.
  • Launch your own projects on the platform.
  • Trading on exchanges
  • Promote projects with high profits
  • KEYMAT Lottery.
  • KEYMAT Social queue.
  • KEYMAT P2P Crediting (Issuing crypto loans)
  • KEYMAT Crypto transactions guarantor.
  • KEYMAT Wallet.

Upcoming Plans

  • Project Insane Turbo 4, release date: June 5, 2021.
  • Demo version KEYMAT P2P Crediting.
  • Deployment of KMX token based on Binance Smart Chain
  • …… ..

So what is KMX Token and why does the Keymat platform need it? How many times can it multiply your money and when? How will Keymat co-owners get it? How will the issue reflect dividends? And more. These questions will be clarified by the Blog in the nearest future.


Note: Investment Review HYIP , MLM, ICO, Matrix, Staking, Smart Contract, Lending Review always have potential investment risks, so you should consider investing within the financial range and be responsible for your investment decisions. of you.

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