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GlobalSync Tech Review : Long-term project from Singapore

GlobalSync Tech Review : Long-term project from Singapore

It's been quite a long time since 2021 has rarely had a good project worth participating in, until today when WinHyip approached the GlobalSync project, there was really a good project worth playing. The GlobalSync project is run by the admin who has run the previous projects for a long time, plus the standard interest packages of large projects, the rewards are quite good for the Leader, then the GlobalSync project will definitely be the best project. the most famous in 2021. Let's take a look at the main features of the project with WinHyip before deciding to invest.



Incentive information of the project.
  • Free 100% insurance package for the first 4 people to invest $ 25 - Total value: $ 100 . That means participating in this project you can only win or draw, no loss. It's too good, isn't it?
  • Offering a $500 insurance package for all downline members participating in [ Upline : WinHyip ] this project during the period 31/08 - 06/09/2021 [ 1 week since WinHyip review]
  • RCB : 5% of the amount you invest.

Mandatory conditions : Must write your information in the comments in the review on the web HyipOla.Com. Because this will be the basis for WinHyip to automatically pay RCB as well as insurance if any for members. Information includes:Username + Investment amount + Investment date + Investment package + Your wallet.

I. General characteristics of the GlobalSync project

  • Launch date : 30/08/2021 [30-Aug-2021]
  • Accept payment via ports: ETH, BNB-BSC, BTC, USDT[ERC20 + TRC20], TRX, LTC
  • Minimum investment: 25$
  • Minimum payout : USDT[TRC20] - 5 USDT; USDT[ERC20] - 30 USDT; BTC - 0.0002; ETH - 0.003; BNB[BSC] - 0.02; LTC - 0.03; TRX - 50.
  • Withdrawal processing time: Manual - Up to 72h.
  • Interest paid: 5 days/week from Monday to Friday.
  • Video Winhyip review project GlobalSync

II. Interest package at GlobalSync review

1. Interest package pays interest daily, payback at the end of the interest cycle. 

  • Dual : 1.5% dailyinterestfor 15 working days . Payback at the end of the 15-day interest cycle. Invest from $25-500 . Net Profit 22.5% .
  • Triple : Interest 2.0% daily for 25 working days . Payback at the end of the 25-day interest cycle. Investment from 500-5,000$ . Net Profit 50% .
  • Muliple : 3.0% interestdaily for 40 working days . Payback at the end of the 40-day interest cycle. Investment from $2,500-25,000 . Net Profit 120% .

2. Interest package pays daily interest, no payback at the end of the interest cycle. 

  • First-generation : 3.0% interestdaily for 60 working days . No refund. Invest from $1,000-5,000 . Net Profit 80% .
  • Second-generation : Interest 4.0 % daily for 60 working days . No refund. Invest from $5,000-50,000 . Net Profit 140% .
  • Third-generation : Interest 6.0% daily for 60 working days . No refund. Invest from $10,000 to $100,000 . Net Profit 260% .
3. Interest package pays interest at the end of the interest cycle.

III. Make money with GlobalSync review

1. Receive bonus from investment of 9 levels downline: 8-3-1-1-0.75-0.5-0.5-0.4-0.3%

2. Get bonus when reaching group sales from 50-99,999$.

IV. Investment guide at GlobalSync Vietnam

1. Register an account

After registering an account, go to the registered email immediately to click the account activation link [If you don't see it in the main mailbox, please check your spam or promotional mail]

As soon as you log in, go directly to Wallets to update the cryptocurrency wallet you have. 

2. Recharge

To top up your investment, go to Add funds >> Select a deposit wallet >> Enter the amount you want to top up (USD) >> Add funds >> Send the exact amount to the GlobalSync wallet address .

3. Investment

Once the deposit is in your account, you can invest it by going to Deposits >> New deposit .

>> Select the interest package >> Enter the amount you want to invest >> Select the deposited wallet >> Create new deposit .
To check the interest package invested you go to Deposits >> HyipOla invested 400 USDT through USDT-TRC20 portal on 31/08/2021 .

4. Withdrawal

To withdraw money, go to Withdraw >> select a wallet with money >> Enter the amount >> Withdraw .

5. Exchange money

To convert to your preferred currency, you can go to Exchange

V. Proof GlobalSync August 21, 2021



Note: Investment Review HYIP , MLM, ICO, Matrix, Staking, Smart Contract, Lending Review always have potential investment risks, so you should consider investing within your financial limits and be responsible for investment decisions. yours.

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